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Ooh, I have not written a journal entry in... god, since October. Really? I'm nervous at the thought of getting college applications in, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get accepted into New York University or Wesleyan University. Er, I hope. 

Starting this fall, I'm going to starting a literary journal called The Metro for high school students as my Capstone Project for high school (since I'm doing studies on literacy rates in children and teens). I have *everything* planned out for it and chances are it'll be published biannually (winter and spring) in an e-zine format and print edition (although I'm still in crossroads whether or not it should be a chapbook or regular 'letter' size). I'm hoping I'll have the website finalized by fall and a larger editorial staff as well (or possibly note me if you're interested in becoming staff?), but if you have any entries that correspond to the submission guidelines here:… feel free to send me a note. However, only electronic submissions are accepted.
Orrrr you should really check out Polyphony HS, too ( I've been currently training to become an editorial staff member there and it's published only once a year.

Other things:
  • For this summer, I was accepted as an writing apprentice at the Mark Twain Museum. 
  • Read 1984 and loved it.
  • Submitted to at least 5 literary journals-- published in one (which I believe was printed recently? Not sure)
  • Became really headstrong about moving to New York. 
  • Retaking the SAT arughhh.
  • Fell in love with Game of Thrones
  • Even happier that Looking for Alaska was going to be a movie yesssss  c

I seriously need to become more active on here :noes:


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Happy birthday!
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hi! i know it's been a while. i don't think you come on, anymore, but i thought about you and your writing the other day. i just wanted to drop by and say i hope you're well! 
Artbot5000 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Happy birthday!
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Thank you so very much for the favorite!! :iconglomplz: :heart:
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Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Brianna
Happy birthday to you! :D
Happy happy birthday! Have a super awesome day! :iconnomglompplz:
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